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I’ve worked in a small team on some games for contests/jams.


Capture of the game running
Promotion! (web)

This game was ranked 4th on the CPCRetrodev 2020, this is a retro-development contest organized by the University Of Alicante, Spain (Where I’ve studied by the way), the target machine is the 8 bits microcomputer Amstrad CPC 464, with 64Kb of RAM and a 4Mhz Zilog Z80.

We wrote this game entirely in Z80’s assembly using CPCTelera’s tools and utility routines.

Source code available here.

Space Dizziness

Capture of the game running
Space Dizziness (web)

This was a little game for the Kenney Jam 2021 with the theme “Rotation”. We build it with a custom C engine, with almost no dependencies.

Source code available here.

It’s hammer time!

Capture of the game running
It's hammer time! (web)

Another little game for the Tu Juego A Juicio Jam 2021, the theme was “Too long”. This was build the same way that Space Dizziness.

Source code available here.


Here are some random programs that I have done using C compiled to wasm:

Map inspector

Screen capture of the program running
Map inspector

A tool to visualize map files generated by sdcc, this estimates the size of the functions and the data, also allows filtering by label.

Source code available here, note that the implementation is a bit overkill, this could be done by generating an html table instead of using a custom webgl library and drawing on a canvas. But I wanted to be able to run the application natively (This compiles perfectly to Linux) and I also wanted to write a bit of UI backend for learning purposes.

This is being very useful to optimize the memory usage of a work in progress Amstrad CPC game.

Fuzzy robot vacuum

Screen capture of the program running
Fuzzy robot

A virtual robot vacuum that moves around and tries not to collide with the walls.

You can:

Procedural terrain

Screen capture of the program running
Procedural terrain program

Small experiment about generating procedural terrain using 2 algorithms, midpoint displacement and noise functions (Perlin noise).

Simple asteroids game

Screen capture of the program running
Play game

This was a small game I wrote to test an early version of our engine.

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